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A sort of Open Letter to Mrs. Duarte - Opinion - Joana Morais

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A sort of Open Letter to Mrs. Duarte - Opinion - Joana Morais

Post  Karen on Sun 15 Sep - 10:47

14 September 2013 | Posted by Joana Morais Leave a Comment

Daily Mail cover image, 2010, McCann's versus Amaral book banning trial

«...“Under my breath I found myself whispering, “fucking tosser, fucking tosser”. This quiet chant somehow kept me strong, kept me in control. This man did not deserve my respect. ‘Fucking tosser’…” » Kate McCann in her book titled Madeleine, on the disdain she felt towards the Portuguese police liaison officer

Never in recent years I have seen and heard such a huge flow of comments against the McCann couple libel action, the couple, their Portuguese supporters, their Portuguese lawyers.

In the past years, particularly in the last two years, we, in Portugal, have been living under a very harsh and long financial crisis, some parents have had to take their children from school, others have committed suicide mirroring Greek and Spanish parents because they are unable to provide for their families and to feed their children...

Most commentators have no idea that the costs of the investigation to the English child's disappearance have surpassed by far the total spent in all the missing Portuguese children and teenagers that have disappeared before and after Madeleine and that the latest Scotland Yard stunt while it takes place in Portuguese soil, the biased review into the Judiciary Police work ordered by David Cameron, as well as an alleged Judiciary Police investigation into the previous PJ teams investigations is being supported by the Portuguese tax payers. The total, not counting with the several families that lost their jobs at the Ocean Club or persons in the Algarve that were affected adversely directly by the McCanns continuous propaganda machine since 2007 and the subsequences to the Portuguese economy in 6 years, is now estimated well above 5 million euros. That in Portugal alone, no idea how many millions were wasted in dubious detectives hired by the McCanns' fighting fund aka Madeleine's search fund, nor what's the current UK tax payers bill of the farce performed by the Scotland Yard/Met Police team.

However, it's not the money which was spent and/or will be spent [and maybe wasted in a whitewash] that incenses the commentators, it's the fact that Justice was not blind in this case.

The McCanns "distress" as shown in a recent UK TV appearance

They all agree, the McCanns and their friends "should have been taken to court for the negligence of their children", for "failing systematically to cooperate with the Judiciary Police" when they were asked to do so, for Kate's book which has "calumnious and false statements", and above all for appearing to be "profiting" from whatever has happened to Madeleine, their 3 year old daughter and even younger siblings that they left alone, unguarded, unsupervised not one night, but several in May 2007. As someone said before, if the McCanns were Portuguese they would have gone to court at least to answer for their actions and would likely be sent to prison.

It's no wonder then even if some of the commentators feel no empathy towards 'Gonçalo Amaral the cop', they feel an immediate rapport with 'Gonçalo Amaral the brave Portuguese family man', who has single handed fought for 6 years the xenophobic British media, the despicable attacks to his character and to his family made by McCann supporters, trolls, cyberbullies and no doubt by people close to the couple, that were then echoed around the world. A man who the McCanns have targeted, deprived of his assets, whose family and friends have been under an immense distress. A man who has, despite the immense hypocrisy and lack of fortitude of the Portuguese politicians and of a country's Justice that has failed him, persisted, fighting resolutely for democratic pillars and moral values such has Freedom of Expression and Truth.


The following is a translation of a public signed comment, a sort of open letter to Mrs. Isabel Duarte, the McCanns lawyer, published on facebook, under a video broadcast by Sic Notícias two days ago where Mrs. Duarte appeared to give a mini interview [translated bellow], that epitomises the feelings of most Portuguese people, one of hundreds posted online or spoken as word of mouth.

Madam Isabel Duarte,

I hereby express the most complete contempt for the miserable job that you have accepted - if it was not for the money you even have less excuses.

You, Madam, accept to represent a couple of con artists (not to accuse them of that which I have no evidence) against a professional investigator that had the dignity to resign from his job in order to express his ideas?

Where do you, Madam, think that you live? As far as I know we are a democratic country where freedom of thought and expression are protected by law. Where does it say in our Constitution that we can not make use of these rights if they upset subjects of the United Kingdom?

You, Madam, above anyone else should know that that which you defend is placing in question rights that have claimed too many tears and blood to acquire. To defend that scum against a man who did nothing but exercise his recognized democratic rights is to shoot our own democracy. Just that, Madam, would suffice to express my utmost contempt. But there is more. Your clients, in particular that abominable woman who made in her book many vile statements and that wishes to see the detective Amaral suffering, is, in my opinion, if not suspected of filicide at least is of obstruction to justice.

Money does not pay everything Mrs. Isabel Duarte, and certainly does not pay the honour and dignity - to support those creatures is to sell your soul to the devil.

Be Happy, if you can.

Luis Miranda

*photo with Isabel Duarte and Kate McCann, by Chris Graeme/Algarve Resident

broadcast by SICN 12.09.2013

TV anchor: It started today the trial that opposes the McCann couple against Gonçalo Amaral. Kate McCann is present at the trial. Maddie's parents accuse the former Judiciary Police inspector of defamatory statements and guarantee that Gonçalo Amaral has harmed Madeleine's searches. The McCann family asks for 1,2 million euros of compensation, Gonçalo Amaral's assets were also seized, who published the book "A Verdade da Mentira" where statements were made regarding the disappearance of the child which the McCanns allege to have hindered the family's image and the investigations. The lawyer for the McCann family expects a speedy trial.

Isabel Duarte [at Palácio de Justiça, in Lisbon]: The expectations are that the trial is done as fast as possible... what is in question are the personality rights of Kate.. of Gerry.. of Madeleine.. of Sean and of.. ah.. Amelie, breached by the book that we are going to judge here. It's an action for compensation and, and, other decisions surrounding the book... Aaaand as lawyers use to say, I hope that justice is done. [smiles and laughs]

Journalist in situ: In that action for compensation exactly what does the McCann couple ask?

Isabel Duarte: They ask for a compensation in money.

Journalist: How much?

Isabel Duarte: 250 thousand euros for each of the persons involved, they are five.
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Re: A sort of Open Letter to Mrs. Duarte - Opinion - Joana Morais

Post  Christina on Sun 15 Sep - 18:50

This is more like it - a decent article. Good to see JM and co back posting now there is stuff to report about.

The last part is interesting. Duarte doesn't seem so certain now, stating she hopes justice is done.. So do I, but not as she intends.

And the last paragraph: she says there are five of them asking for 250,000 euro each. I thought Madeleine's name, as a ward of court, had to be withdrawn from the action. Does anyone know if this is the case? It seems not from ID's words here.

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Re: A sort of Open Letter to Mrs. Duarte - Opinion - Joana Morais

Post  tanszi on Sun 15 Sep - 20:12

it is my understanding that Madeleine was removed from the legal papers for this obnoxious event. she is still a ward of court and so her parents cannot act for her so I understand. money grabbing *********.
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Re: A sort of Open Letter to Mrs. Duarte - Opinion - Joana Morais

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