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Asylum Seekers put up in luxury hotel at a cost of £400,000

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Asylum Seekers put up in luxury hotel at a cost of £400,000

Post  Panda on Fri 6 Dec - 16:12

Asylum seekers put up in luxury hotel at cost of £400,000

More than 100 asylum seekers will stay at the Amblehurst Hotel, favoured by Manchester United stars, for nine weeks

Amblehurst Hotel

Officials acting for the Home Office sent the migrants to book in at the suburban 50 bedroom Amblehurst Hotel Photo: CAVENDISH

By News agencies

10:26AM GMT 06 Dec 2013

More than 100 asylum seekers have been ordered to live for nine weeks in a luxury hotel favoured by Manchester United stars - at a cost to the taxpayer of up to £400,000.

Officials acting for the Home Office sent the migrants to book in at the suburban 50 bedroom Amblehurst Hotel while their claims to stay in the UK are dealt with.

The Conservative-run Trafford council in Greater Manchester was given just 48 hours notice of the arrival of the 104 asylum seekers, comprising 31 families of various nationalities.

The hotel in Sale where rooms cost up to £125 pounds a night has in the past hosted parties for Manchester United players and various corporate firms. It is thought the hotel will close to regular paying guests whilst the asylum seekers are in residence.

This week the Conservative Group held an emergency meeting about the move organised by private company SERCO, which was appointed by the Government to deal with accommodation for asylum seekers.

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The families had previously been staying in Liverpool but had been moved to out due to large numbers of migrants applying to stay in the UK. The total bill with food could run to as much as £393,750.

Councillor Matthew Colledge, leader of Trafford Council, said: "To be given less than 48 hours notice of the imposition of a large contingent of asylum seekers is frankly ludicrous.

"I have asked, along with partners from the NHS, for the decision to be deferred but this is not to be. It is intensely irritating that as council leader I have had no opportunity to influence the decision at all."

Cllr Colledge said he was sympathetic to the plight of asylum seekers but expressed concern over the strain that could be put on Trafford's services.

He said: "I recognise that some asylum seekers are escaping from appalling situations and that may include the children arriving in Trafford. However with schools and GP surgeries full in the Sale area I question the logic of choosing this location."

A spokesman for SERCO said: "'We are currently using the Amblehurst Hotel to temporarily accommodate a number of asylum seekers who were previously being looked after in Liverpool.

"In due course these people will be found further housing throughout the North West of England pending the outcome of the Home office review into their eligibility to claim asylum.

"At all times we work closely with the local authorities, the Home Office and local services including the police, health and education bodies to carefully manage the safe and appropriate accommodation of asylum seekers in our care."


For goodness sake, we must be the laughing stock around the World. !!!! We should just refuse to take in any more immigrants until the backlog is cleared, this is ridiculous, if Australia can do it why can't we. Theresa May, you ought to be sacked, it is obvious you have no control over the Home Office.
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