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McCanns to join Prayer Service to mark anniversary

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McCanns to join Prayer Service to mark anniversary

Post  cherry1 on Wed 2 May - 23:42


Maddie McCann's parents to join prayer service marking anniversary of her disappearance

MADELEINE McCann's parents are set to join well-wishers to remember their daughter at a prayer service to mark the 11th anniversary of her disappearance.

By Jerry Lawton / Published 2nd May 2018

Kate and Gerry McCann are expected to take part in the 30-minute outdoor gathering in their home village to pray for the youngster who vanished on holiday in Portugal on May 3, 2007.

On Thursday, crowds of supporters, relatives, friends and locals will assemble at the war memorial in Rothley, Leics, where a `beacon of hope' lantern still shines around the clock for the world’s most famous missing child.

Prayers will be said for Madeleine and other missing youngsters.

Former GP Kate, 50, and heart specialist Gerry, 49, hope their daughter – who was three when she disappeared – may still be found alive.

She would now be 14.

Maddie vanished from her parents' holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz while they dined with pals in a nearby tapas bar.

Madeleine's great uncle Brian Kennedy – who lives in Rothley and will be attending the service – said: "We find it hard to believe 11 years have passed but we never lose hope.

"We’ve no idea how many might turn up after such a long time but all are welcome.''

Mary Pritchard, who lives nearby, said: "No-one can really believe it is 11 years since Madeleine was taken.

"But we’ll never forget her and we can only hope and pray that one day she will be found safe and well and returned to her loving family.

"Our hearts go out to Kate and Gerry.

"We want them to know the village still thinks and cares about them.

"It is symbolic and significant that the candle inside the lantern still burns every minute of every day for Madeleine. It is always there in the heart of the village. The light for her, guiding her home, never goes out.''

A Metropolitan Police team has been probing Madeleine's disappearance for the past seven years in an on-going operation which has so far cost £12million.

The youngster's twin brother and sister Sean and Amelie – now 13 – both attend a Catholic secondary school in Loughborough, Leics, which is still holding a place for Madeleine.

The siblings were asleep in the same bedroom as her when she vanished.

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Re: McCanns to join Prayer Service to mark anniversary

Post  malena stool on Thu 3 May - 10:26

Thank you cherry

The usual garbage, even after the police advised them to keep a low profile...

Even good old great uncle Brian must have misread this wonderful appealing article from Jerry Lawton... who predicts crowds gathering around the war memorial while great uncle Brian says, "We have no idea how many." Keep up with the newspaper great uncle, even if it is a rag.

Surely, this place which has been and still is being held for Madeleine in a Catholic school in Loughborough is denying a student a placement in an area where scholastic placements are allegedly at a premium?

Mary Pritchard, who apparently 'lives nearby' surely still can't believe that parents who left their children alone in an apartment on a regular basis at night for a happy hour cheapo meal with wine thrown in and then the mother refuses to answer questions put to her by the police constitute a 'loving family'?
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