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50-Year-Old Woman Charged With Abducting 4-Year-Old Boy

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50-Year-Old Woman Charged With Abducting 4-Year-Old Boy

Post  Guest on Wed 23 Sep - 21:53

Jessup Woman Arrested For Kidnapping Boy

Sep 23, 2009

JESSUP, Maryland --- Anne Arundel County Police have arrested a woman after they say she kidnapped a 4-year-old boy.

It happened on the 7800-block of Clark Road in Jessup Tuesday afternoon.

Alleged child abductor, Leslie Banker Offutt

The victim's mother said she was sitting in her car waiting for the arrival of the school bus on Clark Road while her four-year-old son was playing nearby outside of the vehicle. The woman then said Leslie Banker Offutt, 50, (pictured left) approached her son, physically picked him up and began to walk away.

The child demanded to be put down, the suspect complied and then left the area.

Officers canvassed the area for the suspect. She was located at her home and subsequently arrested.

Offutt was charged with kidnapping, abduction and second-degree assault.


Mother Watches Attempted Abduction Of Her Son


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Re: 50-Year-Old Woman Charged With Abducting 4-Year-Old Boy

Post  Susan on Sun 27 Sep - 11:52

I cant begin to imagine how that mother felt seeing her child being carried away by a stranger!

Maybe this woman is mentally unstable. She looks odd!

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