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Madeleine´s parents writes open letter to Gonçalo Amaral

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Madeleine´s parents writes open letter to Gonçalo Amaral

Post  steve1295 on Sat 26 Dec - 21:38

Dont know if this was post on here but i think something like it was,,this one was lifted off pfa From today's 24 horas, translated by Pedro on J4.

Gerry and kate insists that the Portuguese authorities considers no evidence of proof that they are behind thei daughter´s disappearance.

Couple McCann defends themselves from the attacks of former PJ inspector.

Madeleine´s parents writes open letter to Gonçalo Amaral.

Madeleine´s parents are tired of what they say is misrepresentations" of reality carried out by Gonçalo Amaral. In an open letter, they say they are entitled to the good name and that is constantly challenged by the former PJ inspector.

By considering that the news that have been published in the last few days about the civil proceedings which opposes us to Gonçalo Amaral contains misrepresentations of truth or interpretations of the law in force in Portugal, true to the rights enshrined in the Constitution, we understand we must clarify the following questions:

1. Freedom of speech and the right to respect and good name:
Freedom of speech is a fundamental right provided in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic. But also are, regardless of the nationality, the right to a fair treatment and access to the right and to courts, to moral integrity, to good name and reputation, the obstruction of the perpetuity of sentences and the presumption of innocence until res judicata effect of criminal sentences. Also is the right of resistence to unlawful aggression. As it is, specially, the right to life.

The restrictions to all these rights, says the Constitution, can only exist to protect fundamental rights.

So, we ask, to any common citizen who reads us, if understands that both nof us, which ae not accused of any crime, and were considered innocents by a dispatch which concludes from, the coordinated investigation at its crucial moment by Gonçalo Amaral "not achieved any element of proof which allows that an average man, to the light of criteria of logical, of normality and the general rules of experience, to formulate any lucid, wisely, serious and honest conclusion about the circumstances in which checked the removal of a child from an apartment, not spell out, even, a consistent prognosis", we have the right to be left in peace, to see preserved our lives, our name, and, above all, the search to find our daughter, whose right to life, in the light of the Portuguese Constitution, is sacrosant? Given the content of this order, from the responsability of two judges, where the book of Mr. Amaral is clearly condemned, even before being published, can we say that the conclusions of that book are logical, normal, lucid, wise, serious or honests? That should be protected by law and by court?

Does the book brought any advantage or boost to the investigation about the disappearance of our daugther? Or only enriched the author, publishers, advisors, commentators, and who gave voice?

We are certain that it would not be difficult to understand the size of our open wound. We ask to each one to put the case itself. Therefore we have the right to face the aggressions that we have been continuously subject, to the courts, whose decisions are sovereign and free. What will come next, for us or against us, it´s not censorship or undue advantage, it is only the result of balancing freedom of democratic standards and fundamental rights to which both we and the author of the book we are subjet.

2. The injunction:
The injunction of the book aprehension has already two judicial labels and can and should be released by interest to all citizens, who in name of the freedom of speech, are in risk of being accused for life, after being considered innocents by the courts. We do not sell that decision anywhere, contrary to the author of the book, at least until the suspension of the same, such as our conversations with reporters, formal or informal, not happen in return of financial compensations, also contrary to Gonçalo Amaral, that while he could, did or tried to.

3.Economic suffocation:
Gonçalo Amaral, at the end of September of 2009, when requested to the State to assume, with the contributions of the Portuguese , the payment of all his procedural costs in all the iniciatives triggered by us against him, declared that he had no real estate and companies, and that only his wife had a car. But, the truth is, at that time, like now, he was the owner of a Villa for seven years and built a personal company for almost a year, in addition to having bought, according to him for 40.000 euros (35.65760 £) the now famous Jaguar, who he registered in the name of this company, created with the social capital of 5000 euros (4457.20 £).

That Villa was already placed under sequestration, since 2005, by António de Sousa Amaral, which is believed to be a relative from Gonçalo Amaral, and the same Villa was also seized two times, either by the Treasury in 2006, for various tax debts, either by the Espírito Santo Bank, which instaured against him the execution which runs in terms with the number 969/07 by the 3rd Court of Olhão, by lack of payment of the loan. The last endorsement of the burden of his house dates of May 19th of 2008, precisely a year before the purchase of the Jaguar. All these records are public and can be consulted at the Conservatórias dos Registos Predial, Comercial e Automóvel (Conservatory of Property Records, Commercial and Auto). The lack of payment to the creditors does not work, because, from our judicial activity, which, so far, has not seen any seizure, in his benefit, any goods, that, previously, not already being compromised, nor any guarantee that Gonçalo Amaral be a beneficiary. The Treasury, his family and the bank took care of it before.

4. Judicial costs:
Gonçalo Amaral says that the costs he has to pay for the civil action, which seeks an order for payment of compensation, amounting to about 30.000 euros (18.721.6 £) and first he has to pay it and only then he can challenge the action. First, by considering this amount, he is taking his action to lose, because only in this case is that you have to pay more than the application fee required. On the other hand, not only was challenged, as not paid, have asked for the support of the State, as stated above. And if he had to pay, he would pay, to be able to challenge that process, only the maximum value of 2040 euros (1818.54 £) or the minimum 1530 euros (1363.90 £), depending only the way his lawyer talks with the Court. To check these values please consult, for example:

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Re: Madeleine´s parents writes open letter to Gonçalo Amaral

Post  tabs on Sat 26 Dec - 22:46

jeez they must be worried

forca Goncalo

what a man!

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Re: Madeleine´s parents writes open letter to Gonçalo Amaral

Post  Guest on Sun 27 Dec - 13:06

Oh dear...

Seems to me it’s all a case of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Foreigner and their mates entering another country and proceeding to clearly demonstrate the meaning of the phrase, Brits Behaving Badly. As could perhaps be predicted, there follows an horrific example of the consequences of their behaviour. This leads a very public criticism of those trying to clear up the mess, (as well as the ordinary people of the host country), some bully boy tactics and now we have a very public wailing about the situation in which they find themselves.

How very undignified.
(And far too little, way too late in PR terms imho).


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Re: Madeleine´s parents writes open letter to Gonçalo Amaral

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