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When is a promise not a promise

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When is a promise not a promise Empty When is a promise not a promise

Post  katertaif on Sun 24 May - 22:48

David Cameron said 5 years ago that his intention was to scrap the European bill of Human rights and replace it with a British bill. This didn't happen in the last parliament, and no doubt if asked Cameron would in the British politicians favourite phrase "make it quite clear" that the Lib Dems were the culprits. However now that he has a majority he says it's going to be done in this parliament.

Immediately an as yet unnamed minister threatens to resign, why? Are we those who voted Tory so stupid that this didn't form part of their decision to vote Tory. Is that what this minister thinks. Or was s/he simply prepared to ride the gravy train until it no longer suited him? I feel s/he stood for election on very shaky ground. He should have made that part of his beliefs plain (even clear) perhaps s/he wouldn't have got he votes then.

How can this British bill reduce the rights of his/her constituents when as far as I know it hasn't been drafted or debated yet. In any case most of us are aware that appeals to the European Court are no more than delaying tactics, and if the appellant had to pay themselves instead of sponging off legal aid would be far fewer.

I feel this minister should resign anyway, having stood on a faulty ticket. What; for example do his/her constituents think, or as usual are they now unimportant having made the all important lustrum length cross.
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