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Missing Madeleine
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Post  katertaif Wed 10 Feb - 11:43

There are some things our politicians are good at, I don't think I need to explain that, every so often the news media get hold of another example of it. The art of politics and diplomacy seems to have escaped them, as does responsibility for their actions.

They constantly claim that they are trying to introduce democracy, and a democratic way of life into Muslim countries. They could try introducing democracy into our countries as a start, but what they seem unable to grasp is that democracy plays no part in Islam. Thousands, even hundreds of thousands are suffering and dying because they can't understand this, and their refusal to accept responsibility. We got rid of Saddam Hussein for them. Some have labelled him a monster, he ruled Iraq with an iron hand, and I could not even guess at how many people he had tortured and killed. Is Iraq any better off today? many would say worse. The western leaders had no strategy beyond getting rid of him, and now the ordinary Iraqi citizens are paying the price. Not to mentionthe rest of the world.

Gaddafi similarly was removed after a great deal of assistance from the west, and once again I don't think anyone can claim Libya is a better place. We are doing the same in Syria. In fact Syria seems to be a wasteland now in parts, and Assad is still there. No one can claim he is a nice man either, he is not. again he could be reasonably described a monster, but the numbers dying and displaced now would not be doing so if we had acted in the first instance. The Russians are bombing anyone against Assad, and we are certainly not going to go to war with Russia. The common sense suggestion then, is that instead of creating mountains of dead and dying, we help stabilise the Assad regime, and then rebuild Syria.

The alternative on a number offrots is too horrendous.
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