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Post  whatsupdoc on Wed 24 Dec - 10:24

Just got this link from JH.
I try and avoid Facebook but thought it best to post the comments b4 they disappear.

The Mirror
17 hrs ·

“No matter where she is, Madeleine will, as always, be very much with us.”
Madeleine McCann's parents will leave her Christmas gifts in her untouched room
Kate and Gerry McCann will leave gifts in her pink bedroom, as they have every year since she vanished aged three during a family holiday to the Algarve in 2007
mirror.co.uk|By Martin Fricker
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Michelle Hibbitt Thinking of ALL THE MISSING CHILDREN at this time of the year not just Maddie xx
223 · 17 hrs
10 Replies · 11 hrs
Danielle Turver If her parents didn't leave her whilst they went for a meal, they would be celebrating Christmas with their daughter!! Thing is, had this been someone from a council estate, on benefits, when they landed, they would of lost their other children to soci...See More
142 · 17 hrs
16 Replies · 3 hrs
Emma Louise Her parents piss me off... If they didn't leave her unattended in the first place she will still be here!!! Just lock them up already
188 · 17 hrs
18 Replies · 9 hrs
Craigy White I just hope in 2015 both parents are charged with child neglect. We can only hope.
202 · 17 hrs
12 Replies · 6 hrs
Stephen Halpin Lets look at the logic...... I didn't kill Maddie or have anything to do with her disappearance........ I will happily do a lie detector test...... Kate and Gerry did not have anything to do with the murder or vanishing of their daughter but refuse to do a lie detector test...... Why?
59 · 16 hrs
8 Replies · 6 hrs
Stephen Halpin Lets leave Maddie out of the news in 2015..... Millions of dead/missing/abused kids since her parents refused to take a lie detector test
46 · 17 hrs
3 Replies · 8 hrs
Tom Hill Very nice but lets not forget the thousands that go missing over the years that dont get the media coverage she has been given
41 · 17 hrs
Al Devine Well said. Sure even look at those Nigerian schoolgirls that are still captive!
6 hrs
Craigy White The McCann's must be the only story where the media are so out of kilter with the general publics view. Much of the public have a negative view of both parents,yet the media seem to have some bizarre adoration for the pair of them.
66 · 17 hrs · Edited
7 Replies · 11 hrs
Frank Duncan Billings Zzzzz_zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
31 · 17 hrs
Stephen Stumbke so sad, can't imagine what they are going through, best wishes to the mccann family
29 · 17 hrs
13 Replies
Tracy Mayson what about little Ben Needham, no publicity For this little boy who went missing abroad years ago,
26 · 16 hrs · Edited
2 Replies
Steven Paton Merry Christmas maddy just a shame your parents didn't care for you as much as they should of justice for maddy
23 · 16 hrs
Amanda Jayne Marsland Blind the police. Love the way they say she vanished. She was left alone while her mum and dad went to get wasted and there little girl got taken. They need to stop and think. Y take eldest child and not a baby?? Parents need to be questioned again n again. Never been done for any of it makes me sick.
22 · 16 hrs
Nicola Smith Misselbrook This is the problem ,she was never with you ,always in the crèche or left alone while you wined and dined ,so why would she be with you now
22 · 17 hrs
Katie Gardner Why weren't social services involved. If it was anyone else kids would be in care and parents in jail
20 · 16 hrs
Rachael S Wright Well if you hadn't neglected her by leaving YOUR child on there own.. She would still be with you! How they have got away with keeping there other children I'll never know. If it was any other person I'm sure social services would of been involved as soon as it happened!
18 · 16 hrs
Samantha Davey Yes she will always be with you through guilt of what you have done!!!!!!
18 · 17 hrs
Jade Obrien Wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them ! And they should be charged with neglect for leaving there children alone in the first place so they could have dinner and get drunk
17 · 17 hrs
2 Replies
16 · 15 hrs · Edited
Lauren Keri Teague Best present to her? Admitting what they did.
16 · 15 hrs
Lydia Wolverson Madeleine would be with them this Christmas if they hadn't been selfish and neglectful.
16 · 16 hrs
Laura Beecroft This pair really have no bloody shame..... its all about the money, money, money!!!
16 · 16 hrs
Kimberley Glaister If that had been any one of us we would have been charged with neglect!!! But as usual money talks!!! I hope and pray that 1 day these two get found out to be what they really are...we all know the truth of what they done that tragic night...pitty the police can't see it too..but like I said £££
15 · 16 hrs
Sharon Mcaloon They make me sick
15 · 17 hrs
Teena Jane There was no abduction
14 · 15 hrs
John Redeckis I don't think there is any hope left, and the media should stop reporting on her until she is found, dead or alive.
14 · 17 hrs
Andre Thame Arense Pam Bennett getting sick and tired of you people who say they made a MISTAKE!!! leaving 3 kids alone in a holiday apartment is no bloody mistake that is pure child neglect!

How is it only Poor Maddie that goes missing but the twins still there alone!? ...See More
31 · 16 hrs · Edited
4 Replies · 6 hrs
Stephen Bulcraig For Maddie Macann, I wish you peace and happiness wherever you may be.
Christmas is a joyous time that all children should be part of.
Unfortunately as far as your parents are concerned as many have stated where is there punishment no parent should lea...See More
11 · 14 hrs
Sue Keen Well said Amen to that.
1 · 11 hrs
Rosemary Botterill Do not leave children on their own and go on the piss so much for a consultant and doctor !! Poor children with parents like that !!
11 · 14 hrs
Pam Bennett I can't believe there are so many nastypeople in the World,I just hope nothing like this ever happens to you or yours.ok they made a very bad mistake,but they have had to live with it for so long.My heart goes out to them,and I hope one day they find a solution to it,whatever happens.
11 · 17 hrs
13 Replies · 9 hrs
Paul Knowles Why would a loving parent leave their kids alone in a hotel room to go drinking?
10 · 15 hrs
2 Replies
Simon Guy Stop reporting this story, it is pretty obvious what most people think but cannot say due to legal reasons
10 · 16 hrs
Christine E Hinds Who are they trying to fool...pair of scumbags!! Should have been prosecuted for child neglect.
10 · 16 hrs · Edited
Margaret Baker Here we go again. Better get in the paper again as not been for oh how many weeks now... just a few!!! One day one day the truth will come out about this.
10 · 16 hrs
Linda Wrafter Kerching !!!!!!
16 hrs
Katieanne Barber I still think her parents has something to do with her going missing
10 · 16 hrs
Sambo Haigh Bloody hell come on I watched a documentary about this its obvious its the parents !
10 · 17 hrs
Theo Haywood The parents are to blame because if they had kept an eye on her and not let anything happen then none of this would've happened. Look at the April Jones incident. The police need to look harder because people keep going on about this and nothing is being done. And so someone needs totake aaction before it's too late to do anything else about it !
9 · 11 hrs
Daniel Hitchens They cared that much about their precious daughter that they left her while they went swanning off having a good time, now for years we've had to look at that pathetic look on Kate's face...both Kate and Gerry are responsible, for the act of being irresponsible...they should both be locked up, they never deserved to be parents!
9 · 13 hrs
Mandy Buckland Wolton I still think they sedated her to sleep while they were out being both doctors and it went wrong ,there's something about them that's not quite right
9 · 16 hrs
Russell Brookman 100% thats what happened.She was never abducted
4 · 16 hrs
Mandy Taylor they know exactly where she is
9 · 16 hrs
Jamie Robertson In the ground
1 · 16 hrs
Robin Gray Throw the presents in the sea, like they did with her body
9 · 16 hrs
Gail Dolman I know this is sad, but what about all the other missing children, lets think of their parents as well.
9 · 16 hrs
Andy Tuckey Still think her parents are responsible, always have rite from the start, story didn't seem rite.
8 · 11 hrs
Gareth Bryn Jones Enough's enough!
I wonder if they will leave their children alone in the house whilst they go on the piss again?
8 · 13 hrs · Edited
Gail Hamilton Gerry and Kate and the rest of them in this ffs GIVE IT UP. We know you were involved and we know the poor girl won't ever be found. Please let her rest in peace and stop this circus.
8 · 16 hrs
Barry Jacques My daughter was took at 16months by her mother who totally neglected her ,I've evidence yet the whole of the law has done nothing ,I know nothing about her and have raised two other kids now 23 21 and I'm a grandad also ,my daughter is at risk but nobody does anything and I never neglected any of mine ever ,there my world and she's now 5 and half ,enoughs enough
8 · 16 hrs · Edited
Stephen Pasqua Wasn't with you that night was she? No you abandoned her? Or not, as the case may eventually be revealed. Either way you're culpable and I no longer need to hear your sanctimonious BS!
8 · 17 hrs
Francesca Paige https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_ZdDTsFC2g
FULL Documentary BANNED by the McCanns (Overturned) Truth of the Lie -...
17 · 17 hrs
3 Replies
Karen Dickinson Sorry but they should have not left the kids on there own anyway what about poor ben he is still missing on kos and he was not left
7 · 11 hrs
3 Replies · 10 hrs
Amelia Coffen English translations of the Portuguese police files freely available on the internet, much to the annoyance of the McScams! http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/TRANSLATIONS.htm
This information belongs to the Ministerio Publico in Portimao, Portugal.It was released to the public on 4...
7 · 14 hrs
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I think most parents think that the Social should have taken the twins into care.

Also, what person in their right mind believes a bungled burglary. Any normal enquiry would have concentrated on the parents like the PJ did and come to a clearer view to what probably happened.

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Re: Facebook comments

Post  chrissie on Wed 24 Dec - 11:52

Thanks for posting these
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