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Stephen Lawrence case sparks fury over Maddie cash

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Stephen Lawrence case sparks fury over Maddie cash

Post  cherry1 on Wed 18 Apr - 21:04

Stephen Lawrence case shutdown sparks fury after Maddie McCann hunt given more cash

STEPHEN Lawrence supporters have hit out at police for potentially dropping the teen's murder probe – while pumping more cash into the hunt for Maddie McCann.

By Jamie Micklethwaite / Published 18th April 2018

Tragic Stephen has been thrown back into the spotlight by heartbreaking BBC documentary, Stephen: The Murder That Changed a Nation.

The young student, 18, was stabbed to death by a racist gang in an attack nearly 25 years ago in Eltham, south-east London.

Since then, only two people, Gary Dobson and David Norris, have been brought to justice.

Despite public outcry, Scotland Yard believes it has exhausted all leads, and could close the case in the near future.

This has sparked a huge backlash online, with other high profile cases being granted more funds to continue.

Green Eyedie wrote: “Maybe if they spend as much on the Stephen Lawrence case as they have on Maddie McCann we might make some headway.”

Typical Palace added: “Stephen Lawrence murder: police say they have run out of leads.

“Yet they’re spending £100,000s on Madeleine

Imran FBPE also wrote: “The Met may close the Stephen Lawrence case, but for some reason is still pouring money into looking for Madeleine McCann.”

Other gang members were named by locals at the time as culprits, but have yet to be brought to justice.

Stephen’s mum and dad, Baroness Doreen and Dr Neville Lawrence, described the sentencing of Dobson and Norris as the first step.

And judge Lord Justice Treacy said after the sentencing that he hoped this would not close the case.

But a lack of evidence has police prepared to shut it down.

Scotland Yard previously confirmed in a statement: “The Met investigation team is now at a stage where without new information the investigation is unlikely to progress further.

“This was explained to the family earlier this year.”

Baroness Doreen has previously said she would understand if the investigation was ended.

Investigating officer Chris Le Pere said: “There is still the opportunity for someone who knows what happened that night to have a conscience and come forward.

“I would say to you, it is never too late to do the right thing. We continue to speak too Baroness Doreen Lawrence and Dr Neville Lawrence to update them on the current Met position.”

Daily Star has contacted the Lawrence and McCann families for their response.

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Re: Stephen Lawrence case sparks fury over Maddie cash

Post  malena stool on Thu 19 Apr - 9:24

Despite the resounding effects of "Austerity" still biting into ALL avenues of British Justice AND Emergency services the McCann 'problem' is being force fed resources which could be well used elsewhere.

While yes, it is a tragedy that Madeleine went missing due to the 'parent's' lack of parenting skills, 'at the very least'. No external person or intervention has ever been shown to be involved in the child's disappearance even after an excellent investigation by the Portuguese officers and a £12 million injection of cash and officers from the Met over the past 11 years.

Coupled with the FACT that Madeleine's 'mother' refused to assist in the inquiry by refusing to answer questions put to her by the Portuguese officers why is this bottomless pit of money still being tapped, when other needy cases are being denied?

Especially when public safety and security issues are being denied cash and public health starved of front line funding and in some areas being asset stripped!!
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