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Cheryl and Ashleys daily phone calls

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Cheryl and Ashleys daily phone calls Empty Cheryl and Ashleys daily phone calls

Post  Panda on Thu 19 Jan - 7:33

This time, it could be for keeps.

Cheryl and Ashley Cole are working to mend their marriage, according to reports.

One phonecall at a time.

Cheryl and Ashleys daily phone calls Cheryl-Cole-Ashley-Cole-1109-12The couple divorced in 2010, but remain close

According to sources close to the couple, they are "speaking every day".

Closer magazine reports that Cheryl is "willing to give Ashley
another chance", despite his four alleged affairs with different girls
during their three-and-a-half-year marriage.

The source says: "They're talking or texting every day. She usually
texts him first thing in the morning and they'll normally call each
other during the day. She saw him just before Christmas and they're
making plans for a weekend break together in February.

"But she's determined to keep it a secret this time - she doesn't want a repeat of last year, she says she looked like a fool."

Cheryl and Ashleys daily phone calls Ashley-Cole-on-the-phone-0511Do Ashley and Cheryl really speak every day?

Ashley attended Cheryl's 28th birthday party
in London last summer and everyone assumed a reunion was on the cards,
especially when her rep confirmed that he was indeed in attendance.

But poor Chez was in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons just a
couple of weeks later, when more girls came forward to claim they'd had
sexy times with the footballer.

The source continues: "Cheryl was disappointed. She knew he'd still
been seeing other girls as they weren't 'official', but she was more
upset than she let on."

Oh, Cheryl. Do we need to give you a little lecture about boys and their wicked ways?

Cheryl and Ashleys daily phone calls Cheryl-Cole-launches-lipstick-1211-10Cheryl could be ready to forgive her ex-husband, according to a source

She appears to be handling the situation by giving Ashley a harsh ultimatum.

The source says: "She's told Ashley he must survive six months, until
her birthday on 30th June, without dating or bedding other girls if
she's to ever trust him again."

We were onto Chez and Ash last week when the Girls Aloud star tweeted a cryptic love message about "up and down" relationships.

It turned out that they were merely lyrics from her pal Nicola Roberts' latest track, YoYo - but, of course, there's no smoke without fire.
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