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Post  katertaif Fri 4 Apr - 21:43

I don't think many would disagree that this is the most corrupt parliament since the rotten boroughs. In addition, they have organised for themselves a job against the world. As one example of this, they only have to sit on a green leather seat once in their lives to qualify for the gold plated inflation proofed pension.

All the expenses scandals are genuine honest mistakes. Even if they go to jail as long as it is for less than a year they still keep their jobs. When the expenses scandal first broke, it turned out that the arch criminal Blair had his expense sheets shredded the only MP to have it happen, and of course yet another honest mistake.

So they keep their jobs no matter what until the next election, and possibly even get re-elected on the grounds that they are all as bad as one another.

Yet another scandal though, that doesn't seem to get much coverage is what we pay for allegedly legitimately. Yes. all right we pay the interest on their second homes flipped periodically as they are. You can argue a case for that. We elected them, and they live too far away from London to commute, so a second home is as much an essential as a screwdriver to an electrician, or a saw to a carpenter. The second home is just as the saw, and screwdriver a tool. But why do we have to pay for furnishings and repairs as well? Surely they are not part of the tax free deal?

Even if you could make a case for them to be provided with a TV, why must it be a 60" plasma TV? If they want one of them, let them buy one out of their own pockets, as we would have to do. So the boiler stops working, and the poor things have to get them repaired of course but why do we have to cough up?

I think there is a strong case for taking over sufficient housing complexes to put them all in single bed apartments, furnish them well but simply, and if they want extras, then fine, dig down in their own pockets. We know it wouldn't suit them, they wouldn't make enough out of it, but the point is they are our servants, we are not theirs. at least that is how it started out.
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