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Missing Madeleine
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Sergey Malinka Statement

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Sergey Malinka Statement Empty Sergey Malinka Statement

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Processo, Volume VI, pages 1453-58 (6 pages)

- translation to be checked = cleaned up google -


Date of the visit: 2007/05/16 Time: 22:30 Location: DIC Portimão
Entity who chairs:
Employee who performs: John Carlos and Luis Pereira, inspectors
Name: Sergey Malinka
Parents: Ixxx Malinka and Sxxxxxxx Malinka
Natural Town: Saratov
Nationality: Russian Date of birth: 1984/xx/xx
Address: Rua 25 de Abril, xx x, Block x, x xxxxx, apartment x
Postal Code: xxxx-174 Praia da Luz Phone: 914 16x xxx - 282 78x xxx
Marital Status: Single Occupation: Information Technician
Local work: residence indicated
Phone: Fax:
Number of BI: It showed in this act Issued by any document

Informed about the family relations or equivalent with the defendant mentioned in art ° 134, paragraph l of the CPP and the option that you can therefore assist, said there is no such relationship.

Moves to give evidence.

The subject of the file said: ............................................ ........................................
--- Comes to the file as a witness.
--- Although of Russian nationality he fully understands the Portuguese language
in its oral and written forms. He has been in Portugal for nearly seven years.
--- Lives with his parents. Has a Portuguese girlfriend.
--- Asked, said he knows ROBERT MURAT since the summer of last year, he thinks. He came to know him through his neighbour AFONSO R**, who introduced the witness to ROBERT, claiming that he was a good designer of pages and websites. When speaking with ROBERT, he explained the type of page that he was wanting, and the witness performed the work. It was a page of real estate for sale on the Internet, without resorting to a property firm, whose name was http://www.romigen.com. After completing the draft, he returned to him the copyright, as well as the username and password of the administrator. He recalls that the username was a 1 and the password 123, which were altered by ROBERT. After the delivery of the work, he had three weeks to make alteration, as a page of this size needs few changes after entry onto the net. He knows that this enterprise (Romigen) belonged to ROBERT and to a woman of the name MICHAELA, who hardly interfered, but was always present at meetings.
--- Other than this web site, he did not carry out any work for ROBERT or MICHAELA.
--- The meetings to which he refers were carried out a room in ROBERT’s home at Casa Liliana and in the "Baptista" supermarket, which is in Praia da Luz.
--- He confirms that four years ago, he was at the home of ROBERT at the request of his mother, JANE MURAT (sic), to format her computer, so that the operating system would work faster, and to install an antivirus. He did not know ROBERT then, he did not even know that JANE (sic) was his mother. That this contact was established by the Mother through the firm where the witness was working called "125 computers", situated in the EN 125, Mexilhoeira Grande. As his employer failed to pay his salary, he left the firm around three years ago.
--- He has now formed a company called "SERGEY MALINKA", which is not yet on the Interenet, for monetary reasons, since its introduction has high costs.
--- he only has professional contacts with ROBERT, although he was invited to form a joint business together. Which was refused by the witness.
--- The first contact with ROBERT, as already said, was in last Summer, to create the web page, and this occurred near the Church in Praia da Luz, where there was only ROBERT and the witness, he believes at l0H00/11H00. He now alleges that RUI was not present personally, the witness only gave the phone number to ROBERT. The creation of the Internet page took about three weeks to a month. ROBERT paid him €3000 in total, in two equal instalments. The first part of the payment was at the beginning of the work and the second when completed.
--- The second time they met was two or three days later, but does not know where this occurred but believes it was in the "Baptista" supermarket . He does not have an indication of the time. This second meeting was to show him the page, although not complete, he believes on ROBERT’s laptop.
--- His contacts for the meeting were made by phone.
--- The other meetings, it is not known how many, but claims to have been five or six times, occurred in a space of two or three days, where they gave information to the witness to carry out work on the page, or make changes. These meetings were conducted at his house, in the room opposite the gates, where he had the portable thing, in the kitchen and in the "Baptista”. Does not know the specific days, but they were between 10H00 and 12H00 and in the afternoon between 18H00 and 21H00. These will have taken place in the Summer of the past year . In some of those meetings MICHAELA was present.
--- After completing the page, knows that ROBERT was in the UK. During the work, there were some problems with ROBERT, on a professional level, because he demanded changes, and sometimes the witness forgot to perform them.
--- The last time they met was at the request of ROBERT, who called the witness to perform other work and improve the page. The day after the telephone contact he met with him together with MICHAELA. This meeting took place on 30 April 2007, so call the contact occurred on 29. It was held in the “Baptista” supermarket, at 10H00. It was agreed that the witness would try the page, following indications from ROBERT, and the indications would be given by email. The witness’ email: [e-mail address deleted]. The last telephone contact he had with ROBERT, he believes, was on May 11, when the witness was contacted, he thinks, at 16:00. This contact was to draw the attention of the witness, because the page opened incorrectly. He tried to call ROBERT on 14, however he had unplugged the appliance.
--- Describes the days as follows: Wake at 09H00/10H00, have breakfast and leaves to go to deal with professional issues - visits to customers who have contracts and other clients seeking their services. Does not know the localities, or corresponding times. Usually no lunch, returning to the home 18H00/19H00, where he consults his email and calendar. Rarely leaves at night, and when he does, he is accompanied by his girlfriend to go to the cinema or a restaurant. He usually schedules his services the day before he executes them. To travel between services he uses his car "Audi A4, registration 10-xx-xx”.
--- Notes that has all the appointments, with the data/hour and client’s name marked in his MDA of the computer at home.
--- Regarding the day 03 May said that he did not meet, nor speak with Robert. On this day he followed the routine described above.
--- As for the computers he had at home he said that one of them is his property, without brand, and the other two belong to customers, including a customer from Burgau, but he does not know the name, and another from the firm 'Avenue properties", with offices in Lagos and Praia da Luz. In his car he also had a laptop computer which he bought today in the 'People's Radi" brand "Accer", for the sum of 599 pounds.
--- Also in Burgau he has a client by the name of "SALLY", a female, who is an aunt or cousin of ROBERT. She has a home called “Salsalito” near the International School of Burgau. This visit occurred about a week ago, day 08 or 09.
--- With specific reference to the 03 May 2007, the witness confirms to have woken up at his parents’ home, between 09 and 10 hours, having followed his normal business, which is the service and repair of computers. Does not recall which customers were visited, since anything that occurs daily is registered in his MDA. Also does not recollect having lunch that day. He got home by 18H00. Dined with the family and stayed in his room for the rest of the night, using the computer for games, Messenger, internet and may have carried out some repairs to the equipment of any client. The next day, he learnt about the disappearance of a girl, through an image put in the shop window of a shop near to his house, and asked a member of staff what was happening, who also could not explain to him. Had a day without changes, and all tasks he had planned to perform in the business were performed. Claims not to have had any involvement in the efforts that were made by almost all residents, in the search for the missing girl, by the name of MADELEINE. This was due only to lack of time, since he had much work and did not want to miss the commitments to customers. With regard to the telephone contact he received on 03 May 07, at 23:30, held by ROBERT, says that he has no record of having received such a call, but if this actually happened, it was to arrange a meeting with the same, for professional reasons. He affirms not to be protecting ROBERT and never had the intention to take any kind of responsibility, including the activities undertaken by him on the computer. Does not know any element that can contribute for the location of the girl, or for any another kind of explanation of the facts under investigation.
--- No other information to provide for the file.

Has nothing further to add. Read the thought as, ratified and will sign

To appear if this self worked that will be signed
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Sergey Malinka Statement Empty Re: Sergey Malinka Statement

Post  Info Sun 28 Feb - 13:53

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