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Kate becomes ambassador

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Re: Kate becomes ambassador

Post  interested on Sat 14 Jul - 18:23

In the same week that Kate became an "Ambassador", Gordon Brown, whose "close inner circle was clearly involved in the lending rate fixing scandal", according to George Osborne, is made U.N. Special Envoy for Global Education.

Whoever said crime does not pay?

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Re: Kate becomes ambassador

Post  widowan on Sat 14 Jul - 19:16

tigger wrote:Here is the link for the last accounts of Missingpeople submitted to the Charities Commission.


The salaries are on page 18. I'm not good at bookkeeping, but staff and office costs come to 1.3 million, but it may be that the other costs listed (shops etc) also refer to salaries.

This type of detailed spending and receipts is exactly what the Fund would have had to submit each year. You can see why that wouldn't have suited them at all.
At the moment the Fund lacks the input from the book advance. Interesting to find out where that went to.
Enid O'Dowd's analysis - a brilliant piece of work: http://www.mccannfiles.com/id405.html

Enid O'Dowd's piece is good! In spite of multiple requests for the kind of transparency Kate is always bleating about, all she got back was a snot-o-gram from Clarrie stating that all they wished or needd to provide was the statement that the Fund was being run transparently and for the purpose for which it had been set up, think yew veddy little!

They certainly rushed to get their fighting fund, put brother John in charge, but wouldn't divulge who their independent administrator was - (!)- lied about having a surplus after 2009 although they had a deficit - and won't say where the money went although it seems to have gone for a lot of lawyers, money well spent I guess as they've managed to stay out of jail and keep their friends mum and from doing the reconstruction.

Apparently this went to Carter Ruck to sue Amaral and get his book shut down, probably also to sue the papers.

John resigned, after 2008 Detailed income and expenditure account and summaries were NOT published. Despite Kate stating inthe bewk that they'd had to withstand MASSIVE scrutiny, no one knows to this day where the advance from the bewk went, or how much those were.

The barrister that I had mentioned before who told them their behavior was reasonable? barrister Michael Nicholls QC, who "had been instructed to act for the McCanns...and that details of how contributions could be made to help get Madeleine back"

We are told that the barrister, having inspected the proximity of the Tapas bar to their holiday apartment, assured them that their behaviour (in making periodic checks on their children) could not be deemed negligent and was 'well within the bounds of reasonable parenting.'

The lawyers also advised about applying to have Madeleine made a ward of court, such status being helpful as the 'courts could make orders to reveal information not otherwise available that might be relevant in our case.'

So the WOC status was there to get them access to information which otherwise they would not be entitled to (ie if they were suspects, is how I read this!)

It's quite interesting, over the years Kate's become quite a blythe liar. People want to scrutinize your fund, which lacks transparency and pretends to be a not for profit? Simply say that you've withstood massive scrutiny and wow, it was really important that you set it up to the highest standards of transparency, using your subject matter experts - (Uncle Brian, Brother John, etc)

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